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  • In the case of ordering interest-free installment products, to receive interest-free installment benefits, click the [Order] button under 'Shopping Cart - Interest-Free Installment Products' to order/pay.
  • If you click the [Order All Products] button, you can place an order/payment for all selected products regardless of the shopping cart. However, if you order/pay for all products, you cannot receive interest-free installment benefits for each product.
  • To change the quantity of the selected product, click the [Edit] button after changing the quantity. You can continue shopping by clicking the [Continue Shopping] button.
  • Items in your basket will be kept for 7 days. Stored items will be deleted after 7 days, so if deleted from your cart, please add them back to your cart.
  • You can order only the products you want by using the shopping cart and favorite products, or you can register as a favorite product.
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